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2 June 2014

KCR swear as Telangana new cm

KCR swear

HYDERABAD: India gets 29th state as Telangana. Telangana state births by bifurcation of Andra pradesh. K Chandrasekhara Rao take swear as first chief minister of new state Telangana. some party of Andra pradesh were demanding to form new state on language based. Telangana state most people speak Telugu. majority of people speak Telugu in southern state after Hindi and Bengali. decades-old struggle end with officially existence of new state on Monday. many people had losses their life in movement. new state comes into officially existence after oath of new chief minister. president rule revoked from Telangana. president rule still imposed in Andhra Pradesh since march 1. it will revoke with New Chief minister Naidu oath on June 8. Hyderabad will be joint capital of both state for next 10 year. rules and regulation will be same. 10 district include in new state. "We achieved Telangana. The long cherished dream of the people, and mine too, has come true. It's now a new beginning. Like the Telangana movement, there is a need for another movement for reconstruction and development of Telangana state," said TRS chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao.

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